VIDEO: Florida Family Watches Tree Snap, Fall On Their House During Idalia

Fallen pine tree by a storm

Photo: Santiago Urquijo / Moment / Getty Images

Footage shows the heart-stopping moment a tree collapsed on a woman's home in Perry, Florida while she was inside with her family during Hurricane Idalia. AccuWeather shared the video on X (formerly Twitter), which shows Olivia Gregg and another resident watching trees buckle from the Category 3 storm's intense winds.

The woman points out three of the trees in the yard snapped in half before another tree started falling over.

"Oh, I heard something crack," she remarks as that particular tree topples over, landing directly on her house. Greggs yells, "No" as the tree knocks out some fixtures and causes visible damage. A child is heard screaming out.

"It's okay, it's okay," the woman says as she rushes to calm down the child.

Perry was one of the hardest-hit cities after Idalia made landfall as an "extremely dangerous" Category 3 hurricane Wednesday morning (August 30). Multiple videos surfacing on social media show massive storm surges engulfing roadways, business centers, and neighborhoods, while winds clocking 100 mph destroy buildings and knock down trees.

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