Clint August

Clint August

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Episode 212 Sex Talk 05 25 23

Episode 211 Sex Talk Clint and Dr Jenn

Why did Clint's wife's coworker stop listening to our show? When is it TMI when someone shares about their sex life? And a listener writes in asking about how to tell to a new girlfriend he's still friends with his ex's.

Episode 210 Sex Talk 05 12 23

How did Clint convince his son to go on a camping trip? Do Clint and Dr. Jenn stalk their ex's online? And what travel locations would they both choose over any others?

Episode 209 Sex Talk 05 04 23

What are some of the best and worst pickup lines?! And Clint and Dr. Jenn guess what the other wants to do when they retire, and also the weirdest thing they each googled last week.

Episode 208 Sex Talk Clint August Dr Jenn 04 26 23

Clint & Dr. Jenn guess how the other would answer questions about our worst punishments as kids, and what we most remember about meeting for the first time. Plus, is it OK to invite your new boyfriend/girlfriend along to hang out with your friends?

Episode 207 Clint and Jenn Sex Talk 04 19 23

What is the worst haircut Clint and Dr. Jenn have ever gotten? And, is it appropriate for a man who has recently lost his wife to shower a married female coworker with gifts? Should her husband be jealous?

Episode 206 Sex Talk Clint and Jenn 04 12 23

Dr. Jenn & Clint discuss whether people need to overcome religious and societal "programming" to have better sex lives. Dr. Jenn shares about a free online sex ed resource (Sex Ed To-Go) for teens, parents, and teachers. And when do Clint and Dr. Jenn each feel they are at their sexiest?

Episode 205 Sex Talk Clint August Dr Jenn 04 05 23

Clint and Dr. Jenn play a card game and guess the answers to personal questions for each other about small pleasures, best relationship advice, etc. Plus, Clint shares more inappropriate San Diego area Craig’s List ads--

Sex Talk Clint August Dr Jenn Episode 204 03 29 23

What’s up with Clint”s mustache? Why is Clint so far out of his comfort zone and having to find new levels of courage…and what advice does Dr. Jenn have? Plus, Dr. Jenn shares about her Costa Rica adventure with her beau.

Sex Talk 02 21 23

Clint shares about his Valentine's night marrying 7 couples and Dr. Jenn shares about leading a Sex Game Show to a group in Beverly Hills. Dr. Jenn also shares about her first Valentine's with her new boyfriend. Plus, what does an elderly couple mean when they said they have sex once a week?!