SeaWorld Orlando Is Rolling Out a Roller Coaster Challenge on Tuesday

Tuesday is National Roller Coaster Day, and SeaWorld Orlando has an entertaining way to celebrate by offering guests the chance to participate in a roller coaster challenge.

If you wish to participate on National Roller Coaster Day, you will be challenged to ride all six of the park's coasters:

  • Ice Breaker
  • Manta
  • Mako
  • Kraken
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Super Grover's Box Car Derby

When you arrive, you will be given a special commemorative lanyard to help keep track of all the coasters you have ridden. You will also be given a Quick Queue Unlimited pass to use during a future visit to the park.

Those who join in on the challenge and complete it, you must post on social media using the hashtag #CoasterCapital

Read more at Bay News 9

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