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Maria Milito

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Birda Is A New Birding App

Keeping Your Pets Safe on Thanksgiving Plus Info On the Canine Mystery Disease

Maria chats with frequent guest veterinarian Dr. Amber Karwacki from Heart+Paw.
They discuss potential hazards for your dogs and cats with Thanksgiving approaching, plus info on the new mystery disease that's affecting dogs across the country. You'll learn what to look for!
Listen and Learn!

The Hidden Language of Cats

Maria chats with renowned cat behavior scientist Dr. Sarah Brown about her book The Hidden Language of Cats--How They Have Us at Meow.

Learn about the signals your cat is giving you just by its body language!
This book is delightful and full of info for the cat lover, new cat owner and anyone who wants to know more about our 4-legged pets!

Moose's March Is Dedicated To Early Detection of Pet Cancer

Maria chats with Tricia Montgomery, founder of the non-profit Moose's March. The organization is in memory of Tricia's pup Moose whose life was cut short by cancer.

Moose's March provides support and education for early detection; like offering a FREE webinar on Nov. 2nd. Click HERE for more information.

Dr. Marty Goldstein's The Spirit of Animal Healing

Maria chats with Dr. Marty Goldstein, a pioneer in animal health and nutrition for many years! His new book The Spirit of Animal Healing: An Integrative Medicine Guide to a Higher State of Well-Being is discussed, among many topics!

Dr. Marty was also the subject of The Dog Doc documentary, discussed on the podcast from March 13, 2020!!

Nat Geo WORLD: Weird Animals, Creatures and More From Around the World!

Maria chats with Nat GEo Kids' Kathryn Williams about the-over-300-paged National Geographic Kids Weird But True! WORLD 2024.
Learn about the world's strangest ANIMALS, NATURAL WONDERS and more!!
This info-packed hardcover book will fascinate adults as well (I love it!)

Learn About The Current Shelter Crisis From Shelter Animals Count

Maria chats with Shelter Animals Count (the National Database)'s Executive Director Stephanie Filer about the current crisis facing shelters across the country. Since 2012, they've been collecting and sharing data to help animals and communities. Shelters are still feeling the effects of the pandemic.
Give a listen and learn what YOU can do: Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Donate.

Everything To Know About Horses...and More!!

Maria chats with Nat Geo Kids editor Christina Sauer (who really really loves horses) about the Nat Geo Kids book Can't Get Enough Horse Stuff!
Yes it's aimed at kids but there's lots you can learn about horses, plus fun facts that you probably don't know! And take the quiz to see what horse breed matches your personality!

No More Cat Litter All Over Your House!!

Learn all about the Purrfectly Clean Paws Ramp created by Kevin and Patti Weber.
It keeps cat litter and dust in the cat litter box and not tracked all over your house!
And it's only $28.99!
Give a listen and learn about its creation! And more at

How You Can Help Save Shelter Pets Lives With Your Phone or Camera

Award-winning photographer and author Aliza Eliazarov discusses how to take photos with your phone or camera that will help get shelter animals adopted! (Simple things like taking the pic outside!)
Aliza shares her tips in honor of INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS ANIMALS DAY which is tomorrow August 19th.

Aliza and her partner Edward Doty have a new book The Best Dog: Hilarious to Heartwarming Portraits of the Pups We Love coming out October 31st. The book features many adopted dogs with amazing stories.

Remember: Adopt Don't Shop!!